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We are a start-up digital property platform focused on making it safer and easier for Uganda Diasporas to buy property from local Ugandan developers. The Promotar, a Diaspora Realty was born in London, UK as a Ugandan-focused diaspora initiative supported by London, UK-Uganda Convention, YuFundMe, MM2Capital and IndianDiasporaNetwork.

The main objective is connecting Diasporas to approved and certified developers, sellers, service providers, agencies and agents in Uganda.

We aim to introduce an innovative and more transparent process designed to help mitigate the risks as well eliminate the stress that buyers currently face when acquiring property in Uganda.

Our goal is to eliminate the stress and risks currently involved in the process of acquiring properties in Uganda.

World Bank and Bank of Uganda reports say Ugandan citizens in the diaspora have been sending home over a billion dollars over the last three years. In 2017, Ugandans in the diaspora sent home US $1.4 billion though that figure fell slightly due to Covid-19 global economic down-turn, diaspora remittance remained the country’s largest source of foreign exchange earnings.

The Ugandans in the Diaspora are estimated to be 1.5 million according to the UN Human Development Report 2009.

This in essence means that many will need to invest this money and real estate offers a wonderful vehicle for them. With a massive gap in housing demand vs supply, economic growth, rapid urbanization and an expanding middle class, the real estate sector offers an almost guaranteed Return on Investment.

Other challenges faced are; lack of opportunity and information to engage in trusted investments back home, high cost of finance, lack of products with attractive returns, lack of credible partners to represent their interests, and the inability to safely and conveniently transact and close a deal through a trusted representative. Yet, failing to invest when property prices are affordable and available is the biggest mistake anyone in the diaspora can make. They need to think about their future in a more proactive way where their investments will earn them income monthly.

“Residents in the diaspora need to think about their future proactively where their investments will earn them income monthly.”

Our vision is to see all Ugandans in the Diaspora participate in the development of their country, while securing their financial independence.

We aim to provide all potential buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants with an exceptional online real estate market place.

Our portal provides you a cleaner, fresher, more focused approach; with hundreds of thousands of beautifully presented services, land, homes for sale or for rent at all price points across Uganda.

The portal features thousands of new properties each month, 24 hours or more before they are advertised anywhere. If you’re looking to buy, rent, invest or looking for services within the real estate sector, make sure you set up an instant property alert today.

Every property you see at our portal is on the market with estate agents, letting agents or new homes developers who are experts in their local area.

Uganda Diasporans now have access to trusted and easily accessible property and service providers as they identify, evaluate and invest in real estate opportunities that respond to their investment needs.

At ThePromotar, we delight in searching, screening, evaluating and connecting you to the right service and providers in the real estate industry in Uganda.

We believe every Ugandan regardless your geographical location deserves better services and product.

Involve our team for Safety

The process of acquiring property in Uganda is fraught with all manner of risks and many stories abound of people who have lost their money to unscrupulous developers/agents. That’s why our model is designed to address many of the risks buyers currently face when buying property in Uganda.

  • Every new project is vetted prior to listing to ensure that it satisfies our project selection criteria.
  • Local developers are pre-selected based on a number of criteria including track record and experience of key players.
  • As part of our due diligence process, a rigorous title search is conducted to establish the true status of the project site if you involve our team.
  • Drawings/plans and financial projections for each development are reviewed and a site assessment undertaken.
  • Standardised legal agreements are used which are designed to provide buyers with due protections



Buying property in Uganda can be very stressful and challenging. At ThePromota our mission is to improve the way you search. Using our online platform, you will be given access to all the information you need to come to a decision about any listed property.  Select a property or service provider of your choice and our appointed partner will walk the journey with you to ownership.


Peace of Mind

Property transactions can create a lot of anxiety for buyers. Our appointed partners offer our customers peace of mind, by carefully vetting all properties before listing, ensuring your funds are in good hands and helping manage the project from start to finish. We also provide you with regular updates throughout the process to keep your mind at ease.



Our partners and team are made up of professionals with cognate experience in banking, property development, customer services, construction, project management, land acquisition and architecture. They therefore have the know-how and expertise to ensure that you enjoy a hitch-free experience as you seek to acquire property in Uganda.


Save Time

Buying property requires marketing, screening of various providers which can be time consuming and costly for Ugandans in the Diaspora. Yet with limited commitment from family and friends to provide support. With our online real estate market place, we assemble researched pre-qualified and approved property and service providers leaving you with just a decision to invest.



Your experience is our business. We ensure all those seeking a service of property through our portal enjoys their experience and are provided with excellent service and product.

We value your feedback and work together with all our listed agents and partners to meet your expectations.


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“Ugandans in the diaspora need to think about their future proactively where their investments will earn them income monthly.”

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My experience with one of the developers i got from this portal was impressive. I got my Condo title within 2 month of finalising with my off-plan payment to an apartment in Najjera. To this day I lack the words to describe their impeccable job to their clients.
by Roy Mukasa
Manager, Company Inc.
I would like to extend my gratitude and appreciation to you and the entire team. Your professionalism, availability, patience and support has made the whole process smooth. I felt I was in safe hands. Thank you again and remain blessed.
by Mike Opolot
Realtor, Company Inc.
Greetings all the way from Scotland sending my sincere thanks to William for a well done job. I have been communicating with him through Whatsapp, even though I have never met him in person, I was provided with all the information I wanted to buy my dream apartment.
by Matovu Peterson
Manager, Company Inc.

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